“This is the last real and AUTHENTIC rock n roll bar in Hollywood.  The drinks are stiff and cheap, the service is prompt, the crowd is awesome and the bartenders are always easy on the eyes.  I’ve made several friends just hanging out at this bar which is rare in a city so stuffed up it’s own ass.”

“The DJ’s consistently play good music and I don’t just mean the usual hits you want to sing along to, they’ll play you some amazing stuff you’ve never heard (they’re REAL dj’s!).  Like a song you just heard?  Just go ask them, and while you’re there, request something!  They’re not stuck up like a lot of dj’s out there.”

“It’s dark, they have a smoking section (where you can bring your drinks), THEY HAVE TALL CANS (!), the crowd is great, the music is awesome.”

“Cool divey bar in Hollywood. It’s small and has dimmed red lights. There’s a vibe, like a few decades in the past. 70s maybe? The drinks are pretty cheap and strong. They also let you bring food in. And it’s perfect because there’s a great pizza place down the street.”

“For rock stars, actors and the wild kids looking for a place to get their stiff drinks on and run for cover in the protective environs of a very, very dark dive bar, you have found your utopia just off the bullshit pay-to-play Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Off of Cahuenga, wedged between Hollywood Boulevard and Selma, this place has the best damn bartenders in the city that remember your drink the second time you walk in the damn place paired with the best doorman and man of class in Hollywood, Torrance. If you are into Iggy and the Stooges, New York Dolls, MC5, Brit and American Punk mixed with another million killer Rock ‘N Roll tunes from AC/DC to Van Halen, then baby, you are home sweet home.”


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